What is it: Wartenberg’s Syndrome is described as the entrapment of the superficial branch of the radial nerve. This entrapment results in only sensory manifestation with no motor deficits. Patients with Wartenberg’s Syndrome usually complain of pain over the radial forearm distally associated with numbness over the dorsal radial hand. Wartenberg’s Syndrome can be differentiated from De Quervain’s Syndrome by the fact that patients with Wartenberg’s Syndrome will usually have symptoms while at rest, regardless of the position of the wrist and thumb. However, it is possible to have both de Quervain’s syndrome and Wartenberg’s Syndrome simultaneously. 

Signs and Symptoms: The most frequent and telling symptom of Wartenberg’s Syndrome is vague pain associated with numbness over the backside of your thumb. Most often this can result from wearing a watch or a bracelet that is too tight. 

What causes it: The superficial radial nerve (SRN) can be compressed at any point along its course in the forearm. Trauma to the surrounding area, such as direct pressure on the nerve or a stretch injury to the nerve, may result in SRN compression. 

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