Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical Radiculopathy is a clinical condition in which the cervical nerve root is inflamed or damaged compressing the nerves from the spine. This is an irritation of the cervical nerve root that causes neurological dysfunction to various parts of the body depending on which nerve root is affected.


This condition can develop from a pinched nerve, degenerative bones, trauma, arthritis, a ruptured disc, bone spur, or any other anatomical or physiological changes that could potentially put pressure on the nerve roots.

Signs and Symptoms

A patient will experience chronic neck pain. They will also experience pain in the shoulders, arm, hands and upper back associated with weakness or numbness at the hands or fingers. An individual could also experience a loss of sensation. They may experience a lack of coordination and frequently drop items.


If an individual continues to experience any of these signs or symptoms, they should be seen by a specialist to determine the reason for the pain. For additional information, you can contact California Sports & Rehab at (310) 652-6060 or visit our website at https://emg-ncv.com, (EMG/NCS). We can accommodate your needs in one of our convenient locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.