We have all heard of carpal tunnel syndrome – nerve compression at the wrist causing a tingling and numbness sensation in the thumb, index and middle fingers. Another equally irksome problem is cubital tunnel syndrome. Inside your elbow runs the ulnar nerve, or your ‘funny bone’. Having the ulnar nerve compressed at the elbow causing numbness and tingling in the ring and small fingers, and if neglected for too long it will weaken the muscles in the hand. Cubital tunnel develops gradually, but may worsen the condition if you leave the elbow bend, especially being rested on a hard surface, as a desktop while using a phone. Therefore, stockbrokers, telephone solicitors and receptionists are particularly at risk. Everybody has their hand of foot ‘go to sleep’ feeling, but if the tingle in the ring and little finger happens every day, then treatment is in order. Everyone should avoid prolonged elbow pressure against armrests while at their desk or even in their car. Effort should be made to keep the elbow straight thus minimizing pressure on the nerve and helps it recover from the day’s insults. If symptoms do not relieve themselves while avoiding direct pressure and prolonged elbow-bent position, early surgery should yield complete relief. If surgery is an viable treatment, the patient can resume self care and desk-type activities within a day or two, most people wait 6 weeks before trying a push-up or playing tennis. Delaying treatments risks the muscles in the hand, having permanent weakness and awkwardness of pinch and manipulation activities. To determine this syndrome you must see an Electrodiagnostic Specialist for a nerve test (EMG/NCS). California Sports and Rehab Center can accommodate your needs in our multiple locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Please visit us at https://emg-ncv.com/ or call our office at 310-877-0459 to schedule an appointment!