The Ulnar nerve runs all the way from the neck, through the elbow and into the pinky and ring fingers. Along the way there are many opportunities for the nerve to be pinched causing pain, numbness, tingling and weakness to those areas. In this blog we will discuss the various ulnar neuropathies that affect the distal wrist.

There are four different types of neuropathy that may affect the distal aspect of the wrist. The first type of neuropathy is where an individual will produce a weakened grip in the hands. They may not be able to hold objects as tight as before. Second, would produce the same symptoms, but severe grip weakness and an inability to keep the fingers apart. Third, again, will cause weakness of all the ulnar intrinsic muscles in the hand and an individual will experience impaired sensation at the palm side of the hand. The last type of neuropathy involves hand grip will be normal, but there will be impaired sensation at the palm side of the hand.

In addition to ulnar neuropathies, there are many reasons that one can experience pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the hands such as diabetic neuropathy, pinched nerve in the neck, shoulder, arm or hand. Electrodiagnostic Studies is an excellent tool to localize the problem area. There are two parts in Electrodiagnostic studies, Nerve Conduction Study and Electromyography. For any questions or problems, you can contact Dr. Kamran Hakimian at California Sports & Rehab Center at (310) 652-6060 or visit our website at We can accommodate your needs in one of our convenient locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.