At California Sports & Rehab we are on the very forefront of medical advances in regenerative medicine. This week we will discuss our technique of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy. This innovative therapy allows individuals to avoid the long, tedious healing time by injecting regenerative cells into the body that makes the cells heal faster. Platelets are naturally found in the body that contains growth factors, proteins and cytokines. By injecting platelets it allows the body to naturally bind and use the newly injected cells to allow the body to reduce inflammation, improve cell growth and drastically bring pain relief.

This therapy is used for patients experiencing soft tissue pain from a variety of possible sport or acute injuries resulting in joint, tendon and ligament pain. There is an array of condition in which we use PRP Therapy to treat including joint arthritis, chronic tendonitis, neck and back pain, ligament and muscle injuries, and common sports injuries. We have much experience with patients inflicted with tennis elbow. This condition, for example, is the result of excessive use and developing microscopic tears within the tendons. By using PRP Therapy an individual can expect to see a speedy recovery and an improvement in pain. This may also deter the need of surgery by promptly assessing the extent of damage to the injured site and treating it before the condition becomes irreversible.

PRP Therapy has brought relief and helped keep our patients active for many years. For our PRP Therapy you may schedule a consultation. For any questions for additional information, you can contact California Sports & Rehab Center at (310) 652-6060 or visit our website at We can accommodate your needs in one of our convenient locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.