Bowler’s Thumb

Bowler’s thumb is a neuropathic medical condition in which the median and radial nerve is compressed or repeatedly under pressure causing pain at the thumb. This nerve becomes damaged after an individual consistently uses their thumb to grip hard objects.


An individual affected with Bowler’s Thumb may present pain on the inner side of the thumb, numbness or weakness at the thumb, a decreased sensation, stiffness at the joint and an inability to move the thumb functionally.


This condition is gradual and presents itself to those who work with their hands for long periods of time. The main activity that causes this condition is bowling. Other activities and professions could include martial artists, massage therapists, jewelers or gardeners.


Bowler’s thumb could be easily diagnosed with Electrodiagnostic study. For any questions for additional information, you can contact California Sports & Rehab Center at (310)-652-6060 or visit our website at (EMG/NCS). We can accommodate your needs in one of our convenient locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.