The staff is great very friendly and accommodating. Smiling a lot, always asking if I'm doing fine or not. They make me feel at home in their office and helped relax me with the  nerve test that I had. Thanks mucho!

Thanks to Dr. Hakimian and his technician I had a great experience on the EMG test. I was kinda nervous about this test since I was told it was painful, but thanks to the technician Alejandra this test was easy and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Hakimian. So polite and well manner.

Dr. Kamran Hakimian is as compassionate and kind a person as he is a good doctor. I had to have a nerve conduction test in preparation for carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, and three years later, have one of the wrists again undergo a nerve conduction test. I am one of those people who cannot get [...]

I recently was involved in an injury and was referred here for my EMG. I was very hesitant because I heard it was painful, but they made me feel so comfortable and really made the best out of the situation. It went really quick and the doctor and staff were so great!

Dr Hakimian helped me with my pain, numbness and weakness on both hands. It’s carpal tunnel which is a pinched nerve at the wrist. With wrist brace and some exercises, I now feel better. Thanks Dr H

I have been experiencing weakness and numbness in my hands. I have been concerned so I made an appointment. Dr. Hakimian was able to diagnose me and let me know what I should do to get better! I am so relieved and happy to be on the road to recovery! Best doctor!

The amount of time I spent researching what EMG/NCV was and freaking out all along was for nothing. From the moment I walked in Dr. Hakimian's office the girls in the front greeted me warmly, they were a little busy but I didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes to be taken into a [...]

First time having this test after my accident. Went in expecting the worst, but the doctor and staff really kept me cool. I definitely recommend this place if you have numbness or weakness in your hands like me. Thank you!

I was seen at California Sports and Rehab this morning for testing. Although the testing was unpleasant the Doctor and nurse were great. They kept me informed on what was going to happen they were patient and understanding and the Doctor used humor to keep you calm.

I was scheduled to see Dr. Hakimian for a nerve test at his office located in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kakimian and his office staff were very detailed in explaining to me each nerve test prior to beginning the procedure. I‘ve had a nerve test before with another doctor, and this nerve test was little to [...]

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