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On April 25, 2018, I was scheduled to see Dr. Hakimian to have an Electrodiagnostic nerve test performed on me and it was a very pleasant experience. I’ve had a nerve test performed on me before in the past by another physician and it was an extremely grueling experience to endure. My procedure with Dr. Hakimian was an absolute relief. I’m a person who can’t stand needles and have dreaded them all of my life, however, when Dr. Hakimian performed the needle portion of the nerve test on me, I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever even though he said that I would probably feel a slight pinch. His steady hands, calm and nurturing demeanor, soothing charismatic personality, and his informative medical knowledge, helped relieved the process of the procedure all the better. I highly recommend this doctor because he absolutely creates an excellent relieving experience. Thank you Dr. Hakimian!!!

Brandon Bell, California Sports & Rehab

I was scheduled to see Dr. Hakimian for a nerve test at his office located in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kakimian and his office staff were very detailed in explaining to me each nerve test prior to beginning the procedure. I‘ve had a nerve test before with another doctor, and this nerve test was little to no pain. His staff were welcoming and professional. I didn’t have to wait before they called me in.  I did notice that the facility was well organized and very clean.  Parking was no problem for me. I highly recommend him.

Weight Loss CoxHealth, California Sports & Rehab

I saw Dr. Hakimian at the Sherman Oaks Office. It was my first time having a nerve conduction test and I will admit, I was nervous. Dr. Hakimian was very clear in what he was doing and helped me understand the purpose of this test. It was quick and overall very painless. I would recommend anyone who needs a NCV test or anything related to sports injuries to go to him!

Jessica P., California Sports & Rehab

I was seen at California Sports and Rehab this morning for testing. Although the testing was unpleasant the Doctor and nurse were great. They kept me informed on what was going to happen they were patient and understanding and the Doctor used humor to keep you calm.

Carol H., California Sports & Rehab

Amazing visit..the doctor and his staff really know what they doing and how to treat their patients..highly recommend..no wait time!

Why L., California Sports & Rehab

I was incredibly impressed [with] the doctor and staff at California Sports & Rehab. They were very warm and inviting! Dr. Hakimian was able to explain to me and help guide me to a road of recovery and treatment. This appointment was very structural and gave me a lot of answers about my pain. Thank you Dr. Hakimian and your wonderful staff!

Verified Patient, California Sports & Rehab